A DAD says the "adrenaline" got him through after he had to deliver his baby son after his wife suddenly went into labour in bed.

Emma Lacey suddenly felt contractions while in bed at the family's home during the early hours of last Saturday (August 8).

Husband Daniel had to act quickly come to her aid and help deliver son William, who was born at 7lb 8oz.

"The contractions were bad but the timing wasn't consistent," said Emma, 33.

"He was already two weeks late he was due on July 27 and they were on about taking me in on the Sunday for an induction.

"We had been for a walk and went to bed on the Friday night and I woke up at about 3.30am and I started with the pains.

"I rang the maternity unit and was advised to wait for the timing of the contraction to become closer and run a bath in the meantime.

"We ran a bath and it went from nought to 100 and he arrived."

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William is the couple's second child, with Emma and Daniel also having a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Primrose, who they had to arrange for grandparents to pick up amid the home birth drama in the early hours.

St Helens Star:

Primrose with new brother William

William's arrival has also come after a tough period for the couple, which has included Daniel being made redundant from his job as a quality engineer earlier on in the lockdown without receiving a payout.

And Emma had to cope with all the additional challenges of pregnancy during the coronavirus lockdown.

"Anything that could go wrong did go wrong," added Daniel, 25.

"We've had a challenging year, but we've remained positive and got through it."

St Helens Star:

Daniel and Emma, with William

Daniel told how the adrenaline took over when it became clear Emma was about to give birth without paramedics or any pain relief.

"I phoned the ambulance and we were on the phone for probably a good hour speaking to them," he said.

"All the time I'm thinking 'we need to get to the hospital, where's the ambulance?'

"I got clean towels and ripped one of my shoelaces off my trainer thinking 'how am I going to deliver this baby'?

"I went into full adrenaline mode and the next thing he came out and we were thinking 'is he OK?, what do we do?'

"He eventually cried and we felt so relieved, somebody was looking over us for it to turn out so well.

"I think we're still a bit in shaken up but the realisation has hit us.

"We are so proud of how well we've both coped and so grateful we all made it through the experience safely."