A US JUDGE has ruled that a woman who stabbed a tourist to death in New York was not criminally responsible “by reason of mental disease or defect”, according to reports.

Denise Webster, from Garswood, died aged 61 on Monday, August 13, 2018 after she was fatally stabbed at Faye Doomchin's house in Great Neck on Long Island.

Delivering his verdict on Wednesday (August 12) the judge said Doomchin was a “violent and dangerous person” who should be institutionalised to receive the treatment she needs, reported US media outlet Newsday.

Denise, who had travelled to America to see an Adam Lambert concert, had gone to the house for cake and piano music after lunch out with Doomchin, mutual male friend Mitchell Kessler and his mother.

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Doomchin, 68, of North Road, Great Neck, New York was charged with second degree murder in connection with the stabbing.

Doomchin, who pleaded not guilty to the charge, appeared from the kitchen with a knife, headed over to Ms Webster and stabbed her in the chest.

St Helens Star:

Faye Doomchin

A trial was held in July and with the judge, who presided in the week-long, non-jury trial, ahead of the verdict to decide whether Doomchin was guilty of second-degree murder or not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect.

The case was Long Island’s first criminal trial since the coronavirus pandemic which had forced court closures in March.

It was also the first time in New York State that a “hybrid criminal trial” was held that combined testimonies both virtually and in person.

According to Newsday, in closing statements at the Nassau County Court murder trial, Doomchin’s lawyer said the defendant's long battle with schizophrenia and a delusion about being "picked to rid the world of evil" led her to fatally stab Denise.

The prosecution argued that Doomchin intentionally killed Denise.

Doomchin took part in the trial through a Skype video conference link.

St Helens Star:

Denise, from Garswood, had travelled to the US to watch an Adam Lambert concert

Tributes were paid to Denise following her death.

A touching tribute by her mum Eleanor Ewens, from Haydock, was featured in the Star's obituary notices after Denise’s death.

It said: "Fly me up to where you are, be on the distant star. I wish upon tonight to see your smile, if only for a while to know you're there.

” A breath a way's not far too where you are. Lie gently sleeping here inside my dream and isn't faith believing. All power can't be seen as my heart holds you both Just one beat away I cherish all you gave me everyday."

Meanwhile, Liz Hodge posted on the Star’s Facebook page: "RIP Denise, I have very fond memories of you after us meeting with the Lilac Centre choir.

"I can't express how sad all the girls are feeling."

Singer Adam Lambert tweeted after Denise’s death: "My thoughts are with the family and friends of Denise Webster. Heavy hearted".