A HOT and humid air mass stranded above the UK means that the recent thunder and lightning storms are here to stay.

The nort west region has been hit by intense storms over the past couple of nights, with readers sharing their pictures of lightning illuminating the dark skies.

And these scenes are set to continue as we head into the weekend, with the Met Office issuing further yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms.

The first warning will come into effect from midnight on Thursday and will remain in place through to 6am on Saturday morning.

A second warning has been issued from midnight on Saturday and will be in effect until 9pm on Monday.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Areas of showers and thunderstorms associated with a hot and humid air mass stranded across the southern half of the UK are expected to continue through Friday, and not solely during daylight hours.

“Where they occur, heavy rain of 20 to 30mm in an hour, and possibly as much as 50mm in two to three hours, frequent lightning, and in some places large hail, are all potential hazards.

“Areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop on Sunday, with some persisting into the late evening.

“A similar day on Monday, though the thunderstorms more likely to clear earlier in the evening.

“Thunderstorms are likely to be accompanied by hail, lightning and gusty winds.”