A COMMUNITY-MINDED schoolboy has took it upon himself to help clear up his neighbourhood spending an a hour a day going out with a bin bag.

Eccleston Mere pupil Stephen McFarlane, 11, began collecting rubbish around a month ago and has won the admiration and gratitude of his neighbours.

Stephen, 11, had the idea to tidy his local area and has dedicated himself to the task and every day he can be seen around the Gillars Green area with his litter picker, gloves and a bag.

St Helens Star:

Stephen has even helped with neighbour's front and back gardens.

Due to Stephen's efforts, he has even been provided with bin bags by the council which have been collected.

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"I went to a nature reserve with my cousin and we were looking in the water and saw plastic bottles and the next day I went and started picking it up," said Stephen, who is due to attend De La Salle School from September.

Each day Stephen spends around an hour tidying his neighbourhood around Gillars Green.

"I am trying to do all around here and neighbours come and say thanks.

"It gets me out of the house and it's fun.

"One day I met someone from the council who said if they had any bags he'd come round mine and they have arrived every day and my mum has let me do it."

St Helens Star:

Nan Susan added: "He took it on himself and decided to go out and do it, he's been doing it for weeks and weeks and the neighbours are really grateful."