IN St Helens, as well as the other towns and cities that boast top-flight rugby league clubs, Super League has been sorely missed.

A rampaging charge from Alex Walmsley, a wondrous break by Jonny Lomax, a spectacular dive into the corner by Tommy Makinson, a monstrous hit from Matty Lees. Yes, sorely missed.

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For those who follow this magnificent sport with a passion, today’s matches and those in the weeks to come will be so uplifting after everything we’ve been through so far – even with being forced to watch on TV while the players do their thing in empty stadiums.

It keeps being said, but it’s so true, excitement levels are ‘like the first day back at school’ for the players and supporters of Saints, Catalans Dragons, Leeds Rhinos and Huddersfield Giants (who feature in Headingley’s second game) as they kick back into action today and catch-up on matches that had been postponed, before joining the rest of their rivals in Round 8 next weekend.

We shouldn’t forget everything that’s gone into getting Super League back to this position today, not just the game’s and clubs’ administrators who have worked day and night and then some more, the players who put their hearts into keeping themselves in shape training on their own while placed on furlough, but also all of those who have put their bodies on the line in patient care and aiding the nation’s attempts to recover from the unprecedented situation.

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And we won’t forget there will be some absent friends too, Super League fans who lost their battle with this horrible virus.

For them, as well as us, we have a duty. Let’s allow ourselves to become absorbed in the ferocity, courage and theatre that is Super League for a few hours and lose ourselves in a world that we knew and loved not so long ago and crave to be able to access again inside the grounds in the not too distant future.

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