REMINISCE Festival will not be taking place this year, the event’s organisers have confirmed.

The popular dance festival, which usually attracts around 18,000 people to Sherdley Park, has been postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that remain in place.

Those who have bought tickets for this year can request a refund, but these can also be rolled over until 2021.

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Lee Butler, one of the DJs who produces the event, said: “It’s a huge blow to us as an independent homegrown festival, it leaves us in a really tough place, having been so far down the line with this year’s planning and the huge infrastructure that’s needed so far in advance to deliver such a big event.

“All of our acts had been booked and confirmed before the pandemic hit the UK and we have been holding out in the hope that things would change and we would be able to go ahead as we are positioned so late in the festival season at the end of the summer.

“Unfortunately despite the easing of some lockdown restrictions, that were giving us a glimmer of hope, the new legislation does not make it possible to safely hold a festival of our size and given the practicalities and logistical issues now imposed, coupled with a very tight timeframe to rebuild and re-arrange crew, equipment and artist transportation from all around the world we are in a position where we are forced to cancel.”

Back in March, just days before the UK went into lockdown, Reminisce insisted that the 2020 festival was still going ahead.

Since July 11, open-air gigs, festivals and theatre shows have been permitted, although all events must have “a limited and socially distanced audience”.

And while the risk of transmission is lower outdoors, the Government says there may be an additional risk of infection in environments where you or others are singing, chanting, shouting or talking loudly, even if others are at a distance to you.

As such, at present, members of the public are being advised to avoid environments that require you to raise your voice to communicate with anyone outside your household.

Last week, organisers wrote on the official Reminisce Facebook page that it was reviewing all of the guidelines to see what was possible and would be making a “full and final decision and announcement next week”.

This announcement was originally planned for Wednesday, before being pushed back to Friday.

The organisers said they are “devastated” to have to postpone the event, and have pleaded with festivalgoers to roll over their tickets to “help them survive”.

“The live music sector, like many, are facing exceptional financial difficulties through the time of the COVID-19 pandemic,” a Reminisce spokesman said.

“Music venues and promoters are struggling to maintain operations and keep their staff on payroll.

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“Furthermore, the industry’s workforce is heavily populated by freelancers (from the artists to their crew, venue workers and those involved in the promotion of any tours, festivals and events), and despite Government support it is extremely difficult for the livelihoods of freelancers during this difficult time.

“Reminisce Festival, like many others, are doing all they can to support their self-employed/freelance workers who are involved in the creation and planning of the festival and reliant on the income it provides, so they are able to continue their work and bring you yet another exceptional event in 2021.

“By retaining your ticket for the re-scheduled event and not claiming a refund, you will help maintain operations and provide some assistance to those associated with the creation, promotion, production and management of future Reminisce festivals.”