RESTARTS instead of scrums and shouting six-again for ruck infringements is going to speed up rugby league when it returns at the weekend.

Teams that do no adjust will get burnt, but it will open up the game and allow players in key roles to step up and exploit.

Saints boss Kristian Woolf has studies the impact on the games in the NRL - and in the short space of time since training resumed the players have had to take these changes on board.

Woolf said: "We are going to have to adjust to the new rules.

"The six again rule is a bit different, but we are lucky that we have got James Graham who has come in from playing under those rules and conditions.

"He has been able to give us some valuable feedback on how he thinks we have to handle different scenarios that are going to arise as a result of new rules."

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Fatigue, with no stoppages for scrums or kicks to touch from a penalty, will inevitably lead to fatigue and defenders dropping off tackles.

Woolf added: "The nines, sixes, sevens and ones in general are going to enjoy the fact that they are going to get a little bit more freedom around the ruck, speed at the play the ball and benefit from more fatigue.

"Sometimes instead of getting six plays they are going to get nine or ten. If you play in those key positions the rule will suit to you.

"In the NRL it has brought the players in those positions into the game and they are the ones standing out."

Woolf said the impact of the changes will have to be studied and does not believe it will automatically make it tougher for the really big men.

"We are going to have to adjust and figure out exactly what these rules are like and what sort of player it suits.

"It is going to affect recruitment but I guess we’ll get a real gauge in the early rounds.

"In the NRL some of the players we thought may struggle under the new rules have had a bigger impact and that has been a surprise, players I have dealt with closely like Addin Fonua-Blake who is a very big man. The rules have enhanced his game and he's the leading prop in the comp.

"And another big man Jason Taumalola who is just as effective. It has not affected them as much as we thought," Woolf said.

They could have a positive impact for Saints full back Lachlan Coote - who is relishing getting back out on to the field.

“The changes are going to affect the game a fair bit and open it up a lot more," Coote said.

“You can only look at the NRL and see how it has affected them, because there are some teams that haven’t really adjusted to them.

"It will change at the game because there will be a lot of fatigue around – and that will open it up a lot more like it has done in the NRL."