ST HELENS Borough Council has received a quarter of a million pounds to continue funding the Music Education Hub.

The hub is led by the council’s music service and is responsible for the local delivery of the National Plan for Music Education.

A range of partners are involved in the Music Education Hub, with representation from all the borough's schools and educational settings, as well The Citadel Arts Centre, The World of Glass, Liverpool Philharmonic and others. 

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Funding to deliver the National Plan for Music Education comes from the Department for Education (DfE) and is managed by Arts Council England.

Among other things, this funding allows financially disadvantaged young people to access music lessons and instruments.

The Arts Council has announced that a further roll-over on one years’ funding is now available for 2020/21 and has asked hubs to accept.

A decision has therefore been taken by the council through delegated powers to accept £253,739 to continue funding the service for 2020/21.

The council must also submit an updated business plan, as detailed in the Arts Council offer letter for continuation funding.

Details of the decision have been published on the council’s website.

The council says that if extension funding is not accepted then the current music education programme cannot continue.

It warns that without this external funding, the provision of music education in the borough will be “significantly reduced”.

“The risks associated with this decision for the Music Service are those in not accepting the money,” the council says.

“Schools will still have to deliver the National Plan for Music Education.

“In the same way if the Council Music Service does not manage and lead the Music Education Hub for St Helens then another organisation will be invited by Arts Council England to do so.

“By being the lead partner and fund holder the council is therefore best place to influence and support the development of musical activities and music education opportunities for all children and young people in and out of schools as well as through the work of a range of key partners.

“The activities detailed in the National Plan are the current core business of the Music Service so little change will be seen in day to day activity.”

For more information about the St Helens Music Education Hub click here.