A LITTER picker who helps clean up communities and parks says the levels of waste dumped in our beauty spots has "exploded since lockdown has eased".

Ian Roberts, from Peter Street, started collecting litter across the borough after services near his home were reduced.

Since then he actively looks to clean up the town in key areas such as parks, and has continued with this during lockdown, where he said he did understandably see a decrease in litter.

St Helens Star:

However, with lockdowneasing he says that he's now cleaning the same areas daily, instead of weekly, with people "throwing consequences out the window as they get their freedoms back."

Ian, said: "I think the levels of litter we are currently seeing in all the parks in St Helens is a reflection of what's been happened with lockdown easing.

"Litter levels have just exploded since lockdown has eased, so much so that I cleaned up Queens Park yesterday and had to return the next day to clean up a similar amount.

St Helens Star:

"There was still waste during lockdown, many adults who have problems with drink do go to the parks and leave rubbish there, I'm not blaming them for having issues, but they could put their waste in the bins.

"However in recent weeks, and especially now, the levels of litter is disgusting.

"I filled 50 bags in Sherdley Park the other day and 20 in Sutton Park.

St Helens Star:

"It's an epidemic in itself because its like people are throwing consequences out the window as they get their freedoms back post coronavirus lockdown.

"We are lucky in St Helens to have so many beautiful parks, we should be caring for them, especially seeing as how important they became as a refuge for us during the lockdown.

"Please if you can just do your bit, throw your waste in the bin, and if you see rubbish there, please safely dispose of it, because its becoming unmanageable."