A YOUTH campaign aimed at giving a voice to young people in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has been backed by Labour MP Marie Rimmer.

The #PowerofYouth campaign aims to get the government to recognise and address the concerns young people have about their futures.

The youth movement is also asking young people to contact their MP and the PM on social media or via email to help raise awareness of the issue.

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“Young people are going to be disadvantaged by coronavirus for decades to come,” said Ms Rimmer, MP for St Helens South and Whiston.

“So many young people have had job offers withdrawn, education disrupted, and significant delays to their mortgage applications.

“Young people have had opportunities snatched away from them through no fault of their own. The government needs to act.

“As we look to recover from this crisis, young people will be key to getting our country through this. But up to now, they have not been involved enough in the conversation.

“Other world leaders have held youth press conferences, and I call on our Prime Minister to do the same.

“The legacy of this crisis for young people cannot be one that irreversibly damages their future.”

In May, Power of Youth wrote an open letter to the government, calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold a dedicated press conference for young people to answer their questions about COVID-19.

Two months on, and with the daily coronavirus press briefings now a thing of the past, Power of Youth is renewing this call.

“Nearly two months ago, 90 leaders and 150 youth representatives wrote to the Prime Minister to ask for a youth press conference, but he has not yet committed to holding one,” a spokesman for the campaign said.

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“That’s why we are asking young people across the country to write to your MP. Your MP can put their voice behind the call by asking the Prime Minister to take questions from young people.

“It’s time our Prime Minister listened to young people’s voices, answered the questions they have about the future of our country, and recognised their potential in taking action to support the COVID-19 recovery.”

To find out more about the Power of Youth campaign, visit powerofyouth.iwill.org.uk/