A NEW apartment development in the town centre is still on track for completion in 2021, despite the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Crown Buildings, a former local tax office on College Street, St Helens, was purchased by London based property developer, HJ Collection.

The plans aim to offer 112 high-end one and two-bedroom apartments at the site, which has increasingly become an eyesore since the tax office shut down..

The site, currently being developed in partnership with proven Northern construction firm, Empire Property Concepts has not been without COVID restrictions.

But the developer says that still, works continued where possible and have now fully recommenced on-site as the appointed architects updated the development plans and building regulations to commence the next phase of the build.

St Helens Star:

Crown Buildings is one of three current HJ Collection developments and is being developed alongside a commercial and residential unit in Barnsley town centre, together with a 14-apartment site in Doncaster.

According to the property firm, ll developments offer the potential for both build-to-rent and buy-to-let and are being refurbished to a high standard, with key sustainable and environmentally friendly features.

Reece Mennie, founder and CEO of HJ Collection, confirmed: “Despite the challenges experienced as a result of COVID-19, HJ Collection have worked hard to ensure all current developments, including the Crown Buildings, will not be impacted and will still complete on time.

"With clear plans for the Council to renovate the region, our decision to invest and develop in St Helens will prove incredibly valuable, not only as we deliver promised returns to those who invested into the HJ Collection asset-backed bond, but also in offering either residents, professionals or private Landlords new, high-end apartment units on completion.”