JOHNNY Vegas explains how he was 'miffed' when Celebrity Gogglebox stated him and pal Bev Dixon were in Liverpool and not St Helens.

Comedian Johnny Vegas has been very vocal about how proud he is to be from St Helens, so when the first episode of Celebrity Gogglebox and Channel 4 stated they were in Liverpool, Johnny and Bev got on the phone straight away to sort it out.

He said: "It’s good fun but a bit weird to be honest having a film crew in your lounge videoing you at a distance watching the tele, but then again it’s no stranger than being back in work and Bev is in her element, everyone has been lovely to her and she loves this kind of TV anyway so she’s loving it.

“Tell you what though I was miffed when that first episode said we were in Liverpool, who doesn’t know I’m from St Helens? I’m proud to be from here and we got on to them straight away.

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“They explained they generalise it for safety, but I said, ‘Listen people know my local, don’t be worried about saying I’m from St Helens everyone knows I’m from there I’ve never hidden it’.

“So the next week they changed it which was good, got to keep the civic pride haven’t we?”

The fifth episode of the show will air tonight on C4 at 9pm.