EVENTS in America have brought the issues of racism and injustice, and in particular the Black Lives Matter movement, to the front of everyone’s mind.

The fight for equality and social justice matters just as much here in St Helens borough as it does anywhere else. 

It’s been good to see the support the Black Lives Matter movement is receiving, including from the Premier League as the season restarted last week.

It doesn’t mean that only black lives matter, or that black lives matter more. Just that black lives matter. And they do.  

Black communities have disproportionately suffered from inequality whether it’s in health, housing or education- this can’t continue.

Although progress has been made in recent decades, we can’t pretend racism doesn’t still exist, and I believe we all have a duty to fight prejudice and intolerance. 

Last week was the fourth anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox by a far-right extremist.

The words from her maiden speech in parliament are now well known and are always worth remembering: “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” 

It’s up to all of us to play our part in fighting racism, prejudice and injustice. We have to try to listen, learn, and act.

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As Leader I’m determined that St Helens Borough Council will play its part.

We’ve led the #NoPlaceForHate and #BetterThanThat campaigns for some time, and I encourage all residents to take the pledge and read more about the difference we can each make at

Finally, it was great to get into St Helens town centre last week to do some shopping after three months away.

There’s a lot of work gone into making it as safe as possible, from a one way system around the shopping centres to the measures individual shops have taken.

Life won’t be totally ‘normal’ for some time, but our local shops need our support in the meantime.

Good luck to all businesses in the borough with their reopening, and please buy local if you can.

Best wishes to all Star readers.