A FRESH application to use a property for respite care for 16 to 25 year olds has been submitted.

The application to use 29 Cavan Drive, Haydock has been submitted by applicant Sibby Chonzi.

Plans state: "DLS has a two-year lease on the property" and it would offer respite care for care leavers. They add, if successful, it is "likely that the lease will be renewed".

They add the "intended use will be kept as similar as possible to a normal residential dwelling" and should offer "significantly less disruption" than an ongoing 24/7 facility.

Plans have received one letter of objection from a resident.

They said: "It's a quiet calm street with no problems and I don't really want anything to become a problem.

"As a result of this homeowners are considering moving, it's not nice to think people want to move".

It added that they "find it hard to believe that a house on a residential street in Haydock is deemed as a necessity".

Plans are on consultation until Wednesday, July 8.