A COMMUNITY cinema and space has been given a boost of funding to help it through the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucem House Community Cinema + on Corporation Street is more than just an independent cinema screening fan favourites, it also is a community space for people thoughout the borough.

During the pandemic, the venue, like others has been at risk from a lack of income, leaving them without funds to keep it going.

However, they are now out of the woods after receiving a portion of BFI Film Audience Network Covid-19 Resilience Funding to allow them to pay the bills up until December.

Davie Morris, a representative of Lucem, said: "This means a lot to us because this is a space for the community and we want them to feel safe here.

"Many of our visitors are vulnerable so we have to proritise them, so to be able to focus on making it safe and adhere to guidelines.

"To rest assured that the bills are paid for is great for us."