ONE person making good use of having to self isolate at home is St Helens author Geoff Lee who has just started writing his seventh novel.

It will be set between 2016 and 2018 with many tales about work, family life, old friends and the sport of Rugby League.

His main character is called Alan Greenall who, just like Geoff, worked all his life as an electrical draughtsman and saw his first match at Knowsley Road in 1947.

Geoff has written six novels that are all set in his fictional town of Ashurst, which lies vaguely between Haydock and Newton.

His first novel was called “One Winter” set during that terrible winter of 1962/63.

His sixth is called “Three Good Years” and ends in 2008.

Geoff says the inspiration to write more than half a million words so far, has been the old saying about being in work that “they could write a book about this place. It would be a best seller”.

This was something that Geoff, who grew up in Eccleston, was first introduced to when he started work as an apprentice at BICC in Prescot more than 60 years ago.