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THIS is the fourth article in our 'Shirt Tales' quiz feature.

One of our favourite designs! This special one-off cotton jersey, below, made by Umbro, for the Saints’ 1985 New Zealand tour featured the famous ‘stickman’ logo, red sleeves and was sponsored by the Pilkington company.

St Helens Star:

Who was the Saints’ coach on the 1985 tour?

This is the number 9 jersey. Following Graham Liptrot’s injury woes in 1984-85, who was signed as his temporary replacement, who also went on the tour?

‘Pilkington Activ’ were major jersey sponsors during which three Super League seasons?

We'll have the answers for you at the end of the end of the next quiz.

Here are the questions and answers to the third 'Shirt Tales' quiz:

This marvellous jersey design, below, is a match-worn example of the French national colours from the 1980s, made by adidas.

St Helens Star:

Following a tour by the French international team to Australia in 1951, which club adopted this unique jersey design? Answer: Sydney Roosters

How many times did the senior French international team play against Great Britain/England at Saints’ former Knowsley Road ground – 5, 6 or 7 times. Answer: 6 times – 1939, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1968 and 1971 (the French also played a Rugby League XIII at Knowsley Road)

Who is the first player of French origin to wear the red vee? Answer: Theo Fages