A CORONAVIRUS survivor has thanked Whiston Hospital for saving his life as he is finally reunited with his family after six weeks.

Christopher Williams, 54, thought he would never see his family again after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Whiston Hospital, critically ill with Covid-19.

Christopher had been feeling ill with the effects of the deadly virus for two weeks when things took a turn for the worse and he was rushed in to the Emergency Department struggling to breathe.

St Helens Star:

Christopher said: “I came to the hospital as a gasping wreck, I was terrified. But the staff here immediately took charge. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the Intensive Care Unit two weeks later.”

After developing pneumonia, Christopher was ventilated to help him breathe and put into an induced coma to help his body fight the virus. He was brought out of the coma two weeks later but stayed on the unit for four weeks in total.

“I couldn’t understand where I was, but the constant reassurance of the wonderful staff and the thoughts of my wife and family have got me through.

St Helens Star:

" My overriding memory will be their eyes, they all had beautiful eyes. I might not have been able to see their smiles underneath the masks, but their eyes showed me that they are all wonderful people.”

Christopher was then transferred to Covid Ward 2B to continue this recuperation. Now, with no permanent lasting damage from the virus, Christopher has been reunited with his family for the first time as they collected him to take him home.

Wife Karen said: “We’ve not been able to see him for six weeks due to the visiting restrictions to protect everyone, but to see him now and to see the staff who have cared for him so well is just overwhelming.

"I can’t thank everyone at the hospital enough. They have kept us informed every step of the way and although you dread the phone ringing in case the worst has happened, thankfully for us they were able to give us positive news.”

Christopher from Warrington added: “I’ve never had a day’s sick in my life, never been in hospital, so for this to happen to me is just mind-blowing. I feel absolutely delighted to be leaving their lovely care after me managing to live because you ave looked after me. I thought I was going to die that day I came in and you all saved my life."

"I can’t praise them enough. I wouldn’t have survived this without all of the hardworking staff, from the consultants to the cleaners I can’t fault them.”

He now returns home to his wife Karen, son Joseph and daughter Rachel. He said: “Next step is to go home, rest and eventually have a party when all this is over. I’m just going to enjoy my family and get back on my feet as soon as possible.”

“I can now go on to enjoy the rest of my life and that is all down to the people here. I didn’t think I would see this day.”