THE garden waste collection service is set to return in St Helens from Monday, June 15.

The current 2019/20 subscription was due to end on Friday, May 29, but has been extended until Friday, August 28 to make up for the collections missed while the service was suspended.

To find out your collection dates, visit and enter your postcode and house number. The new 2020/21 subscription period will then start on Monday, August 31.

Residents don’t need to renew or subscribe for the 2020/21 period at this time, and no payment will be taken. Full details about the 2020/21 subscription will follow soon. The service was suspended in March due to Covid-19 to prioritise staff resources around household waste and clinical collections.

Queues to drop off rubbish, including green waste, in St Helens Recycling Centres have had more than 50 cars on occasion, with long waiting times.