POLICE have made two arrests in connection with drug driving after stopping motorists on St Helens roads over the weekend.

In the first incident, an 18-year-old man was questioned on Scholes Lane, Portico.

Patrols suspected the car was travelling at more than 30mph and believed they could smell cannabis in the vehicle after stopping it. 

In a statement, police said the driver was given a roadside drugs wipe and was arrested on suspicion of drug driving and possession of cannabis. 

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old man was arrested on Peckershill Road, Sutton.

He undertook a roadside drugs wipe and was arrested on suspicion of drug driving.

A police spokesperson explained thie nature of the drugs wipe: “It’s a simple and quick test at the roadside which indicates the presence of drugs in saliva before further tests in custody.

“Remember that before you think of driving under the influence of drugs.”

Earlier this month it was reported that hundreds of drivers had been arrested on Merseyside after failing drink and drug tests during the lockdown period. 

Police arrested 250 motorists on suspicion of drink and drug driving across Merseyside since March 23 - when the lockdown was introduced by the government - and the start of May.

Figures showed 160 of those arrests were for drug driving.

On Friday, Chief Inspector Paul Sutcliffe, of Merseyside Police, warned that officers would be patrolling the region’s roads this weekend.

He said: "In recent weeks we have had a number of reports of people speeding, and with more vehicles on the roads have been and will continue to proactively police our road networks to ensure people are keeping to the speed limit; not driving under the influence of drink or drugs, not using their mobile phone whilst driving and wearing their seatbelts.”