A WOMAN with a passion for photography has been documenting life on lockdown by taking pictures of families on their doorsteps during the pandemic.

Chloe O’Brien, who lives on New Bold estate, embarked on capturing a period of history after being put on furlough.

Chloe, who is married to Gareth O’Brien – the former Saints rugby league player who is now at Toronto Wolfpack, often uses her photography skills to take newborn and pregnancy pictures, is snapping the photos and raising funds for the NHS at the same time.

The 25-year-old said: “We are living through history and I thought that I may as well use my passion for photography to help others and capture a bit of that.

“That’s why all my pictures are black and white. It’s capturing the moment people are on their doorsteps in isolation.

“Then I just ask people to donate online and so far we’ve raised £500 for the NHS.

“I’ve taken pictures in my estate and also had requests from families elsewhere like Warrington and hope to get some more too.

“It’s great for me too, because I’m able to practise taking more pictures as one day I’d like this to become my job really.

“My family are really supportive; they live down south, but Gareth and his family are really encouraging too.”

n To donate go to justgiving.com/fundraising/ctrphoto