THE Goverment's plan for gradual, small steps in the easing of lockdown measures includes a desire for bringing back live sport at the top level no sooner than June 1.

This would be behind closed doors.

It is an assumption at this stage that Super League would be one of these live sports, as we await further details from the Government and governing bodies of the sports involved.

The new document, published just before Boris Johnson is due to deliver a Commons statement, features a three-step plan that sets out what the Government sees as being possible now and what may be possible in the future.

The current planning assumption for England is that the second step may include:

- Cultural and sporting events will be able to take place behind closed doors for broadcast from next month, avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact.

"The content and timing of the second stage of adjustments will depend on the most up-to-date assessment of the risk posed by the virus," says the plan.