EACH week our amazing residents have been showing their kindness and skills for the NHS and key workers at the Clap for Carers events every Thursday.

And it's not just applause from those gathering at the front of their homes  that has been generating the uplifting atmosphere.

People have been singing, performing and even dressing up to spread joy in their community and praise our key workers.

One of these talented residents is mum-of-one Jo Foster who delighted her neighbours in Rainford with various songs on the flute.

Jo, who is head of music at Great Sankey High School, says the extra time has actually resulted in her getting to know more of her neighbours - who even created a "quarantine friendly" birthday party for her.

Jo, who plays the flute and the piano, said: "Before all of this, like everyone I was rushing around being a mum, teacher and everything but this lockdown has actually resulted in me getting to know more of my neighbours.

"I went out to clap like everyone else and they realised I am a musician as well as a teacher and asked if next week I would come out and play something - so I did.

"I played 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from The Wizard of Oz and 'Somewhere' from West Side Story and everyone came out to clap.

"It's been lovely to be honest, we have a group chat with neighbours who have been saying lovely things and on the Rainford groups a doctor even said they liked the music.

"Rainford is a village so we know most people anyway but what has been a positive during all this scary news is that it really has brought the community together.

"Last week it was my birthday, and with neighbours now knowing me and my five-year-old son, they all came out, and kept to social distancing. They baked me a cake and sung happy birthday to me.

"So me playing the flute to everyone is a way to thank our amazing NHS and also give something back to the community.

"As a music teacher I also don't, ironically, have much time to play music for myself so it's been nice to get back to that and perform classical music that I'm trained in."

Have you or one of your neighbours been performing before or during the 8pm Clap for Carers? If so we want to know.

Please email news@sthelensstar.co.uk with information and pictures or video.