HERE'S the latest set of pictures from the late Bob Webster's collection featuring rugby league grounds.

He used to love rugby league and ground-hopping, and would take pictures of all the grounds he visited.

Most of these latest pictures go back to the 1980s, with some of these stadia still in existence but some no longer with us.

VIEW: Week 2's selection of Bob Webster's rugby league ground pictures, with the answers

You, like Saints fan Bob from Maghull may have visited all of these grounds while on your travels supporting your club's team.

See how many you can name. The answers are at the end if you need them.

Week 3:

Picture 1:

St Helens Star:

(Clue: Remember Tommy Martyn’s ‘dribbling’ skills here in 1994?)

Picture 2:

St Helens Star:

(Clue: You would come up against Roger Millward here!)

Picture 3:

St Helens Star:

(Clue: near-neighbours and...)

Picture 4:

St Helens Star:

(Clue: a city club now re-located away from its roots!)

Picture 5:

St Helens Star:

(Clue: Saints’ first-ever Super League fixture was here!)

The answers:

Image1: Mount Pleasant [Batley] 1989

Image2: Craven Park [Hull KR] 1989

Image3: Alt Park [Huyton] 1984

Image4: Willows [Salford] 1999

Image5: Derwent Park [Workington Town] 1984