AN INSEPARABLE couple who insisted they stayed together after being admitted to Whiston Hospital with COVID-19 are now recovering at home.

Sidney and Jean Moore, who are both in their late 70s, have been together for more than six decades.

The married pair, who have only ever spent a handful of days apart, were kept together during their time as inpatients at Whiston Hospital, even until it was time for them to be discharged.

Sidney, 77, said: “It was our wish to face this together and they made sure we could.

“Jean is hard of hearing so it helped because then we both could understand what was going on and it stopped me worrying about her.

“We’ve never been apart for sixty plus years, we don’t do apart.”

Sidney praised all NHS staff for helping them along their recovery, branding them as “magnificent”.

“From being admitted, the ambulance staff were brilliant, the emergency team were absolutely superb,” he said.

“It’s fair to say we were terrified but we were looked after so well.

“Everyone has been brilliant.”

St Helens Star: Sidney and Jean Moore with staff on the ward at Whiston Hospital Sidney and Jean Moore with staff on the ward at Whiston Hospital

Sidney said he and his wife feared the worst when they were diagnosed with COVID-19, which poses a disproportionately high threat to people aged 70 or above.

Despite going through a really difficult time, the happy couple said the staff made a world of difference to their experience.

With seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren, it was important they could communicate with their family at home, which staff also facilitated.

“I haven’t got the words to describe the staff,” Sidney said. “Brilliant. Informative. Considerate. The doctors and consultants were great.

“It was frightening when we were told we had tested positive, and we were worried that anything could happen, but me and Jean cannot praise everyone enough, everyone from the cleaners to the nurses to the consultants.”

While they are not completely out of the woods, Sidney and Jean, 76, are now recovering at their home in Newton-le-Willows.

“We’re both coming along now,” Sidney said.

“We’ve both still got a cough and we’ve not got a lot of energy, but we’re both eating and drinking again.

“We’re just making sure we take the time to rest and recover after everything we’ve been through, and fingers crossed and touch wood we are on the mend.”

To make sure they stay on track with their recovery, Sidney and Jean’s son and twin daughters are doing all they can to help.

Sidney said: “They come down to the house and leave care packages and shopping in our garden for us.

“They’re really looking after us, if anything we’re getting overfed, we certainly don’t go without.”

St Helens Star: Sidney and Jean have been together for more than sixty years Sidney and Jean have been together for more than sixty years

Nurse Nick cared for Sidney and Jean while they were on the ward in Whiston Hospital, and says he’ll never forget them.

He said: “It was an honour to care for Sidney and Jean.

“I’m so pleased we managed to keep them together on the same ward as it really helped to keep their spirits up and they kept us smiling as well.

“I’m delighted they are doing so well and I know they will continue to look after each other. On behalf of the entire team I’m sending them our very best wishes.”

Sidney also had this message to say to NHS staff.

“How you’ve got the courage to walk into that place every day, knowing what’s in there, we’ll never know,” Sidney said.

“You’re quite simply magnificent. I just hope everyone there takes care of themselves and stays safe.”