JOHNNY Vegas might be a comedian, but it was former Saints legend Paul Sculthorpe who got the last laugh when he shaved his head live on TV.

During the coronavirus lockdown, barbers and hairdressers are shut leaving many of us wondering how we’ll get a trim.

Some less than impressive “DIY attempts” with dubbers at home have already been posted online, sparking plenty of laughs.

But Johnny, from Thatto Heath, decided to lose his locks for charity - The Steve Prescott Foundation, of which he is a trustee, and get his long term pal Scully to do the honours.

So on Friday, April 10, in front of live TV cameras on Channel 4’s The Steph Show, Scully fully shaved Johnny’s hair - at a safe distance - to a one all over - starting on the top of his head!

Dad-of-two Johnny, whose real name is Michael Pennington, said: “I was in my car doing a segment for The Steph Show when she mentioned hair cuts previous and I just said I’d do a head shave on the back and sides and that my son Michael would do it.

“But he was worried so I thought what better thing to do that to help a charity I support and get my nemesis to do it.

“Scully got on board straight away, though what was supposed to be a short back and sides turned into him shaving my head right on top and down the front.

“So I had to go the full hog with it because I looked like something out of Les Miserables but it was great fun and cheered people up.

“Plus is was done at the safe distance, and it raised £3,000 for the Steve Prescott Foundation.

“Actually people are saying the shorter hair suits me.”

In the past few weeks, Johnny has been out delivering food to the vulnerable and elderly in our community during lockdown for The Steve Prescott Foundation, who have been using The Eccleston Arms as their base.

On this he said: “Ive volunteered my time because this community is like no other we are strong and look after each other, so while I’m here its great to do something physical to help others.

“Alot of the elderly can’t use technology to ‘see’ loved ones, so if seeing us for a few minutes while we deliver their food at a safe distance cheers them up then that makes my day.

“I’m proud of my hometown.”

To donate towards Johnny’s fundraising go to