THE streets of St Helens town centre have been eerily quiet since the lockdown measures were introduced three weeks ago.

But a video shared widely on social media appears to show it does have one new visitor enjoying the peace and quiet.

A deer appears to be roaming Church Street in the footage, which was filmed late at night.

It has prompted a huge response across Facebook and Twitter today.

Among those to comment was Rainhill Councillor Donna Greaves who wrote: "If this is genuine, how amazing to see deer in St Helens town centre. If nothing hits home about how exceptional the times are, then surely this will."

Meanwhile, the artist Drunk Wolf added: "I remember reading something similar about Tokyo a few weeks back. Deers ventured into the city during lockdown to look for food."

The Star has previously been sent pictures of deers roaming urban areas of St Helens, but these have more commonly been parks or suburban streets.