DURING these truly unprecedented times, I think it’s so important to remember who the real heroes are.

The exceptional NHS and its employees, plus all key workers in fact, are putting their own lives at risk to help others – and that must be commended.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when the nation got together to applaud the NHS at the doorstep the last few weeks.

We’re incredibly lucky to have what we have in this country, and so it’s important we support and give it the respect it deserves.

I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing to keep busy during lockdown, as it’s something I recommend to everyone – regular exercise.

I’m lucky enough to have a home gym, so I’ve been training harder than ever – as well, of course, as keeping busy with the England set up.

You don’t need home equipment to do so either. You can do body-weight exercises at home, go out for runs, take up cycling… I recommend it all, as our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Of course, we’re all missing sport, especially rugby league – but it will be back.

The RL family are renowned for sticking together, and so I’m absolutely sure that, when it is safe to do so of course, it will return with a bang.

I am gutted however – as I know many others will be – that we won’t get to enjoy the usual Saints vs Wigan clash on Easter Friday.

I was of course lucky enough to play in several myself, and I can honestly say it’s the biggest game of the season.

Sky Sports are showing old games on Friday, though, so at least there’s some rugby to watch!

Anyway, like I said, rugby will be back – but for now the most important thing is to stay home, stay safe and keep busy.