A FAMILY who have been planning their mum's 70th birthday didn't have the heart to cancel the celebrations after she died...so they found a way to celebrate her life while helping others.

Mum-of-seven Pauline Curran from Eccleston had not been well in recent years, but was looking forward to celebrating her 70th birthday on Monday, April 6 with her children and five grandchildren.

St Helens Star:


However, after her health took another turn a couple of weeks ago, she died on Friday, April 3.

But, despite their grief, her husband Francis and the children were not willing to let her big birthday go unnoticed and decorated the front of her home with birthday banners and treats for passersby.

Her daughter Siobhan Barr said: "With coronavirus, we had already cancelled a large family gathering for her birthday but we were determined to celebrate this even if it were through a window and had it all planned.

St Helens Star:

"But in the past 12 years mum has battled cancer, a stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and two fractured hips and came out fighting each time but after taking ill a couple of weeks ago she died on Friday of a chest infection.

"Mum had worked in the medical profession as a manager at Eccleston Court Nursing Home for years and worked as a nurse, she spent her life caring for others.

"So even though she died we decided to go ahead with the planned celebration, decorating the house and visiting their home."

St Helens Star:

Her grandchildren with the banners for their gran

However Francis, decided this wasn't enough, he wanted to share the smiles that she had given to so many throughout her life.

Siobhan, 37, added: "On her birthday we all decorated the home and put treats out for passersby on their daily walk, as she always gave the grandchildren treats when they came by.

"It's really helped them to understand she's an angel now and to celebrate her life.

St Helens Star:

"We posted a picture along with the snacks to say 'we hope these snacks bring a smile to your faces like she always did for us'

"I think they did and I think she would have been happy with that."

Pauline was mum to Ciaran, Dominic, Siobhan, Brendan, Aidan, Grainne and Roisin, and a doting gran to Roraigh, Theia, Phinnaeus, Josephine and Arthur.