A DAD-of-two who created rainbow hospital pictures as a tribute to his nurse wife says he was "blown away" when his pictures went viral.

Paul Hill from Rainhill has always had a hobby of photography, and uses his spare time to hone his skills.

In recent weeks with the outbreak of coronavirus, his wife Stacey, who is a nurse at Whiston Hospital, has been working long hours caring for patients with symptoms of the virus.

In tribute to her and other hardworking NHS, Paul decided to use his skills, and some photo editing, to create pictures of rainbows over the hospitals.

But then the pictures went viral.

Paul, 36, said: "It just started off as a way to praise my wife who is working so hard and the other NHS staff at Whiston who are fighting to help us.

"I used a rainbow because that is what people have been painting and posting to show their support, so it just made sense to stick with that.

"When I posted it online, just on my Facebook with a few words to say why I did it, it got shared to an NHS Covid-19 page and since then it's gone viral.

"I've been asked to do it for 500 other hospitals across the country, I've already done quite a few hundred as far away as Exeter and Devon but the response has been incredible.

"My wife is just so proud, she keeps sharing the pictures I did of Whiston, St Helens and Newton Hospitals and that's been great.

"St Helens and Whiston Hospital page even reposted it which was amazing.

"I have wanted to make photography my profession for years, but it never happened.

"This has been a real boost to me and if it can brighten up the day for NHS staff working so hard to keep us all safe, like my wife, then that's even better.

"This was just a husband thanking his hard working wife the only way he knew how, but now its gone everywhere.

"I still can't believe it."