A RESIDENT is calling on people to take care disposing of latex gloves after seeing some discarded in the street.

The concerned resident got in touch with the Star after coming across the waste, which he pictured, in Windle, near to some shops.

He branded it "ridiculous" that people are disposing of gloves in such a way and urged them to do so correctly.

There has been discussion on social media by residents over latex and nitrile gloves being ditched on pavements and on shop car parks.

One resident said to the Star: "Understandably everybody is wearing plastic gloves. Can you please advise people to put them and discard of them properly and not drop them on the streets or paths.

"People in wheelchairs and push prams could end up getting infected.

"The simple thing to do is to pick up gloves when we were in such a contagious environment at present."

He added: "People in wheelchairs are getting them stuck on the wheels it’s extremely unhygienic.

"It’s absolutely ridiculous.

"They are absolutely everywhere pavements roads bus stops outside local shops. It’s so important that people discard of them correctly to protect the public."