THROUGHOUT this lockdown, we have covered how our amazing community has come together to support each other, and one of the ways people are doing this is by food drop offs.

We have reported how The Eccleston Arms have joined forces with the Steve Prescott Foundation - and a host of stars such as Johnny Vegas - do food drop offs for the vulnerable and elderly.

But other people and businesses in the community are also doing deliveries in their areas and want to get the word out to their communities.

One such business is The Red Lion pub in Sutton which is regularly donating food for the elderly and vulnerable in the area.

This was the idea of landlady Tara Platt and her friend Joanne Cummings who have been putting together food hampers for those on lockdown.

They have done this by using donated food and with monetary donations from the community they are using to buy food.

Mum-of-two Tara said: “While we are shut it makes sense to use the pub as a storage place for all of this food and then go out and deliver it to those who need it.

“All they need to do is give us a call and we will do it, no cost.

“It isn’t just me, people in the community have really come together to help with this and honestly it makes you feel proud.

“If you or your family need us and they are in our community don’t worry, just call me on 07455111773 and we’ll help them.”

Individuals are also going above and beyond to help others.

Kirsty Hackers from St Helens Junction is at high risk and unable to go out and who also as a 13-year-old son James with autism who has a limited diet.

However the pair are crediting Stacey Lee who works at Morrisons on Baxters Lane with helping them.

Kirsty said: “I am classed as a high risk person because of the medication I’m on for palindromic rheumatism and have a 13 year old autistic son.

“He’s very specific about what food he will eat and has a very limited diet. He wouldn’t be able cope with waiting in a queue outside to get in.

“Stacey has been getting our shopping from Morrison’s for us and delivering it to us when she has finished work.

“I really am so very grateful for what she has done and would love her to get recognition for her kindness and help.

“Without her help, I’m not sure how I would manage. She really is an angel in disguise and has a heart of gold too.”

n Do you know people in the community who are helping others during this crisis?

If so let us know and we can share their good deeds with our readers.

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