A BREAK DANCE group has linked up with another in Stuttgart to share online tutorials and messages of hope during the coronavirus outbreak.

St Helens-based UC Crew have been running a #stayathomechallenge to encourage young people to still be able to learn and develop break dancing skills.

Youngsters have been completing challenges during the week to win vouchers to use at home.

And the group has linked up with a fellow break dancing squad in the German city of Stuttgart, which is a partner town of St Helens.

They have been sharing tutorials and giving messages of support to each other during these challenging times and are looking to work towards an online break dancing battle with their German counterparts.

Tom Glynn, from UC crew, said: "Dance schools across the world including St Helens have temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

"This has meant that students aren't attending dance classes, dance schools are losing business and young people are finding new activities to get involved in.

"St Helens and Stuttgart have a 12-year break dancing relationship and embrace the spirit of working together to benefit the community. "The Covid crisis has brought us together to share online tutorials for each other's students, share messages of hope and work towards an online breaking battles between UC Crew students and Dance Like Crazy - Tanzschule DLC."

The project is funded by the Community Foundation of Merseyside's WO Fund, which aims to improve young people's learning through Hip Hop art forms.

To get involved follow UC Crew on Facebook or TikTok.