THE family of Violet-Grace Youens have launched a wellbeing room in Whiston Hospital for NHS staff in their daughter's memory.

Since four-year-old Violet-Grace from Eccleston was killed in a hit-and-run in March 2017, her family have done all they can to create a legacy in her name - including setting up a charity called Violet-Grace's Gift.

The charity promotes organ donation and gives back to emergency service staff for the work they do.

St Helens Star:

Violet-Grace's Space

So with this in mind, Violet's parents Glenn and Becky Youens, and charity members from Violet-Grace's Gift, have set up a room in Whiston Hospital for NHS staff to retreat to.

They launched it on the third anniversary of Violet's death on Wednesday, March 25 2020 and it is called Violet-Grace's Space.

Violet's dad Glenn Youens said: "Violet’s space is for NHS staff to be able to take some time to themselves to decompress during and after difficult shifts.

St Helens Star:

The ceiling has screens to make it look like the sky

"It includes a bean bag chair, massage machine, salt lamp, oils, headphones, relaxing lights, stress-reducing colouring books and pencils, a weight blanket and sky ceiling lights to give the feeling of being out side.

"Especially with what is going on now we need to look after our NHS staff more than ever, we know what so many of these staff have to go through after what we went through with Violet, so we wanted to open the space on Violet's anniversary.

"I would particularly like to thank Clare Fraser a senior sister at A&E and her team who made this possible.

St Helens Star:

The sign on the wall

"It's such a great legacy for Violet, who wanted to help others, and I hope the staff will enjoy it, I know many were already looking forward to it."

Staff at the hospital added: "We have been focussed on improving staff wellbeing for some time now. We recognise what a tough environment the emergency department is to work in, always busy and often seeing people in their darkest moments. It takes it’s toll on staff wellbeing and emotional resilience.

St Helens Star:

Violet-Grace Youens

"We discussed the idea of having a room as a safe space for staff to go, have some time out when needed, be able to relax and unwind a little or go and reflect on their shift. We discussed this with Violet-Grace’s Gift who kindly supported our vision, to make it possible and Violet’s Space was created.

"In a time when we face a pandemic and the toughest times the NHS has seen in this generation, the room is now more important than ever to support staff. It’s a space to remind us to be brave like Violet and look always towards the shining light”