A MAN who was in a coma last month is urging people not to stockpile shopping after his family was forced to visit 10 shops to get shopping – including nappies for their newborn.

Michael Eccleston, from Sutton, was only three-years-old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Treatment at the time to treat this caused other complications such as liver sclerosis, portal hypertension and an enlarged spleen. He has been in and out of hospital for all of his life.

St Helens Star:

Michael one month ago in an induced coma

Now the dad-of-two, who is in the "at risk category" and is being urged to stay home amid the coronavirus outbreak, has been forced to go out to shops after people panic buying resulted in no nappies for his newborn daughter Athena or the cleaning products his family needs.

He's sharing his story in the hope people will stop stockpiling.

Michael, 25, said: "I've been in remission from leukaemia since I was five, but the drugs they had me on to treat that have caused me problems all my life. I'm always in and out of hospital with internal bleeding.

"I've got a weak immune system, so when all this happened with coronavirus I knew I'd have to stay in.

"My girlfriend Georgina has been doing the shopping but the other day she went to 10 different shops trying to get all the stuff we need, exposing us to more risk because of people's selfish actions buying more than they need.

St Helens Star:

Michael and Georgina with baby Athena and Michael's son Alec, four

"Then because we couldn't find any and the baby needed her, I had to go out myself, it's just not right."

Michael's partner Georgina Martin, 20, added: "In February, Michael was in an induced coma from internal bleeding caused by his issues, he was discharged only two days before I gave birth to our daughter.

"He's in the at risk category, and my baby is only nine weeks old now so they are both really vulnerable.

"He was in hospital just last month on pressurised oxygen and we have been told that if his recent operation on his throat doesn't work and he needs to be on stronger drugs then he could end up with drug induced dementia.

"But because other people not listening to advice I had to go to 10 different shops in St Helens, and into Liverpool just to buy the things we desperately need, not just now but all the time.

"People are scared and buying cleaning products now, but that's everyday life for us, and now I can't buy them because people are taking more than they need.

St Helens Star:

Michael and Georgina

"Cleaning products for the house are essential to keep Mike safe, but we can't buy any and the nappy brand that my daughter isn't allergic to isn't available anywhere.

"Me having to go to so many shops just ups my exposure to this and if I bring this home it could seriously hurt Mike.

"The other day he even had to go out to look for nappies, because we couldn't find the ones Athena can use.

"Luckily people on Facebook donated the nappies we needed, because we only had five left.

"It makes me want to stockpile stuff too, but I don't because even though we are in a bad situation, others are too. You have to think of others."

Michael added: "If Georgina gets this, she is healthy and it probably won't affect her that bad, but if she brings it into our home, I'll die. It's that simple.

"It's not good for the baby either and people are making her expose herself more to it because she can't get important stuff.

"Please think before you stockpile stuff. Others need stuff too.

"We are grateful, but we shouldn't have to rely on the kindness of others because of the selfish actions of other people"