AFTER hearing how hard nurses and doctors are working to ‘keep us all safe’ , this five-year-old boy gathered more than 70 Easter eggs for Whiston Hospital staff.

Jacob Garnett from Sutton started helping others last year when his mum Sarah Garnett explained why they donate food to the food bank.

Since then he has enjoyed doing things to help people, even collecting selection boxes at Christmas for the children in Whiston Hospital over the festive period.

But now as he is home due to the schools closing, his mum explained the hard work NHS staff are doing to keep us safe amid the coronavirus outbreak.

So Jacob’s answer was to give once more.

Proud mum Sarah, 32, said: “We started collected Easter eggs to give away and we gave 20 to the teachers still in Sherdley Primary and then out of the blue Jacob said ‘mum, I think we should give the others to the doctors and nurses who are working hard to keep us all safe’

“I was so proud, what was gorgeous as well was he knows people whose mummy’s and daddy’s work in the NHS and that they are in school because their parents are doing such an important job, and he remembered that and wanted to give something back.

“He wants the eggs distributed between the children’s ward and the hospital staff.

“When we took the 70 remaining eggs into the hospital on Tuesday, he was so made up.”

The Easter Eggs were donated by Jacob’s friends and family and members of New Song Kids in Warrington of which Jacob is a member.