A 13-YEAR-old girl and her 88-year-old great-granddad managed to find a way to carry on their tradition of celebrating their shared birthday - despite social distancing due to the coronavirus.

Every year, Lucie Cain from Windleshaw gets a birthday picture with great granddad Richie, as they are both born on March 21 - but 75 years apart.

However with elderly people being urged to self isolate due to being more susceptible to the coronavirus pandemic, the family feared this lifelong tradition would not be followed through.

But the family came up with an idea to make it happen and on Saturday, Lucie went to Richie's house in Prescot.

Lucie's mum Lisa Cain 40, said: "It was only a year ago that my granddad lost my nan Marie so this birthday was already going to be difficult without her for the first time in 62 years, so we didn't want him seeing noone but we knew we had to be sensible.

"So we went to his house, called him to come to the window and him and Lucie through the glass once again got a birthday picture together - just like they always have.

"It really cheered him up and I think its important to share the good things, because yes we have to be sensible but there are ways to spend time with each other while social distancing.

"Later that day actually we Facetimed all the other relatives while Lucie blew out her candles.

"We are so lucky to have technology to help keep us connected at times like this."