A PICTURE can paint a thousand words and raise even more smiles - and in these troubling times we do need that.

Posting this image from 24 years ago on Twitter triggered so many positive responses that it and (the comments) are worth sharing.

It is of a delighted Saints skipper Bobbie Goulding leading his team back out on to the field through a guard of honour of past players moments after thrashing Warrington to win the inaugural Super League title in 1996 - and therefore clinch the double.

St Helens Star:

In one glorious season Saints had won their first Challenge Cup Final for 20 years and been crowned champions for the first time in 21 seasons.

St Helens Star:

And boy did the town celebrate that glorious sun-baked August Bank Holiday - an end to a perfect season, but the foundations of the summer era glory years that lay ahead.

St Helens Star:

Saints were no longer in the shadow cast by neighbours Wigan - and that made that triumph even more sweeter.

Ade Cunliffe @AdeCunliffeSPF tweeted: "Correct champ. Nice trophy lift, on home soil & massive boost for local economy & pharmacists the next day too."

JoeCoy@JoeCoyButterfly Tweeted: "Had waited 21 years for it. Anthony Sullivan racing back and knocking the ball out of the hands of a Warrington player as he was about to score."

James Archer commented: "Still remember this like it was yesterday and I was only 8."

Anthony Morris remarked: "30 years with only a Lancashire cup win. I can still feel the warmth from D section of the old main stand."

Fan Ady O'Sullivan tweeted: "Quite possibly my fav ever day as a Saints fan going home & away for over 40 years ....... after the previous 20 odd years of (at times) utter dross !!!! To see that happen, packed to the rafters, and under the biggest flag I've ever seen at a Saints match on the 'pop'"

Council Leader David Baines joined in with his thoughts:

And finally a very proud skipper Bobbie Goulding gave his thoughts.