THE devastated dad of a 16-year-old boy who died after suffering a suspected allergic reaction from a takeaway has paid tribute to his "best mate, who is gone forever".

Prescot School student Nick Kelly suddenly fell ill after buying doner meat in a tomato sauce at the takeaway in Prescot where he regularly ate.

He immediately felt the symptoms and struggled to breathe, but despite running home and his family trying to help him before medical attention arrived, Nick died.

St Helens Star:

Nick with his dad Chris

Despite paramedics best efforts, Nick died on Wednesday.

Now his heartbroken dad Chris, 44, wants to thank the community for their support since his death and share his son's story.

Dad-of-four Chris said: "My son would do anything for anyone, other than tidy his room when asked, he didn't do a thing wrong.

"That day he went to his girlfriend's house and on the way back went into Uno's where he went a lot and was speaking to his girlfriends uncle outside.

"He shouted in and asked for donor meat in red sauce, something he's had from there before.

St Helens Star:

Nick when he was younger and the family lived in Haydock

"He went back outside and spoke to her uncle until they shouted him telling him his food was done.

"Apparently he started eating this on his way home but pretty much straight away realised something wasn't right.

"He dropped the food, and ran home and when he got in he ran upstairs and said to his mum 'I can't breathe'.

"She took him downstairs and gave him his inhaler and called for an ambulance but when she turned around a few seconds later he was unwell.

St Helens Star:

Nick with his younger sisters Tiffany and Cheryl now aged 13 and 11 respectively

"His brother Joseph is only 17 but he did mouth to mouth and chest compressions on him in the house before paramedics came and took over and then took him to Whiston.

"Eventually they got his heart working again, but he'd not had oxygen for an hour so we were told he was brain dead on Monday.

"They did a brain scan to confirm it though, so he officially died on Wednesday when his life support was turned off.

"I wasn't home, I didn't hear any of this until I got to the hospital and realised my best mate is gone forever."

Since announcing his son's death online, Chris says he was shocked to see how well Nick was regarded in the community. More than 30 of his friends visited to pay respects at hospital.

He added: "I knew he was well liked and lovable but I don't think we realise how much until he died, those friends came on their own and each went in to say goodbye and came out sobbing.

"I can't believe he's gone, it still feels like he will walk through the door any minute asking me if I have a tenner.

"We'll never get over this. We are all devastated.

"We can't thank people enough though for their kind words and for those who have set up fundraising pages to pay towards the funeral.

"One lady even come forward to sort the flowers for nothing which is so kind.

"You'll never know how much it means to us. Thank you."

Nick has a lifelong allergy to nuts and legumes such as baked beans and his family state that he was careful not to eat at places he was not familiar with.

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