WITH most other sports on hold, whether rugby league will have to follow suit from next week is still up in the air with the RFL still sticking to the line of following Government guidelines.

Super League clubs will meet tomorrow (Monday) to work out whether a change is needed ahead of next weekend’s games.

But Saints coach Kristian Woolf wants the game’s authorities to make a strong decision to end the uncertainty as to what happens next.

There is talk of putting the whole competition on hold or moving towards games being played minus the supporters, with both among the options on the table.

Woolf said: “I am assuming something is going to happen with the comp – whether it is paused or goes behind closed doors I am not sure.

“The only thing I would say is that we need a strong decision, we can’t go week-to-week wondering.

“We need a decision and then we can all crack on and figure out what we do.”

He refused to accept the uncertainty in the sporting world as any sort of alibi for the manner of Saints defeat today – saying that the match was the only thing they could plan for with any certainty.

“It was not a reason for our performance. We had planned all week to play a game and we spoke that this was the only thing we could control today.

“There is uncertainty about what happens next, but no reason for us not to be where we needed to be today,” he said.