THE trial of a woman charged with the murder of a Garswood holidaymaker in New York State has been adjourned until April.

Denise Webster, died aged 61 on Monday, August 13, 2018 after she was fatally stabbed at a house in Great Neck on Long Island.

Faye Doomchin, 68, of North Road, Great Neck, New York was charged with second degree murder in connection with the stabbing.

Denise, who had travelled to America to see an Adam Lambert concert, had lunch with a man and Doomchin, police said.

The three of them reportedly went back to the house in Great Neck for coffee and cake and to listen to the man play piano.

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Doomchin allegedly made statements that she did not like the woman from England and that she had to “rid the house of evil.”

The suspect is alleged to have appeared from the kitchen with a knife, went right over to Ms Webster and stabbed her in the chest.

Ms Webster was taken to a local hospital where she was confirmed to be dead.

Doomchin was arraigned at First District Court in Hempstead, New York in August 2018 and pleaded not guilty to second degree murder.

St Helens Star:

Faye Doomchin

She has been held in custody without bail since and the case has been subject to numerous adjournments.

The trial had been due to start on February 25.

However, it was put back to Thursday, April 9.