RESIDENTS are invited to share their views on how they elect councillors in the future.

A consultation on whether to move to electing all ward councillors once every four years is launching on Friday, February 28.

Currently one third of St Helens Council ward councillors are elected each year, one from each ward, in a three out of every four-year cycle.

But the public could choose to instead opt to have one election to select all the ward councillors at the same time.

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The next ward councillor elections would then take place four years later after all councillors have served their four-year term.

The advantages and disadvantages of each of the proposed electoral cycles as well as frequently asked questions are available online at

Speaking about the process executive director for corporate services Cath Fogarty, who is also the returning officer at St Helens Council responsible for elections, said: “We want to hear from residents about how they would to prefer to vote for their ward councillors in the future.

"Taking part in democracy by voting is an incredibly important act we are all able to do and we want to hear your views on whether changing the electoral cycle will encourage more people to make their voice heard.”

St Helens Council leader Cllr David Baines has backed a switch to 'all out' elections.

St Helens Star:

Cllr David Baines

He said: "I fully support the introduction of all-out elections, and look forward to hearing the views of residents on the issue.

"The move would save the council money as we wouldn't have to hold elections every 12 months, and it will give residents the opportunity to choose who they want to be in charge of council services for four year periods, providing clarity and stability.

"It would be the right thing to do for the council, and the right thing to do for St Helens."

The consultation will run from Friday, February 28 to Sunday, March 22.

To take part visit

A decision on the electoral cycle will be made at a special council meeting on April 15.