A WINE bar turned daytime coffee shop is encouraging people to "pass on a bit of kindness" by paying for a coffee to be given to another customer who looks like they are having a bad day.

The Riddling Rack in Newton-le-Willows was set up in 2018 by two mums Alexandra Myhill, 38, and Alison Wilson, 45, serving wine and organising tasting events.

In the day they also operate as a coffee shop.

Today they have launched a "suspended coffee" system, where customers can pay for a coffee additional to their own.

This extar coffee will be given to someone in the future who comes into the High Street venue looking like they need a pick me up.

Mum-of-one Alex said: "My business partner Rob Wilson saw this idea elsewhere and I thought it was a great thing to bring here.

"Since we opened as a coffee shop as well, we have had regulars come in and share what they are going through with us from really sad stories of people battling illness and losing loved ones to happy memories.

"Especially at the moment, it is so important to give people a lift if you can.

"You never know what a bad word could mean to someone, it could tip them over the edge.

"Sometimes the timing isn't right to see people when this is happening, but if people pay for a drink ahead, and we see someone in need of a little lift, then we can pass on that bit of kindness to them.

"You never know it might just be what they needed.

"Simply buy an extra coffee when you are in and we will gift it in the future to someone who looks like they are having a tough day."