THE Heart of Glass is inviting residents to take to the streets for a treasure hunt with a difference.

Street Hunt is a kind of visual crossword puzzle, where the riches are road names and a story emerges from the page.

From Saturday, April 4, people from the borough will be able to buy a Street Hunt book and start their search for the road signs shown in photographs but with the vital name of the street blanked out.

The aim is to figure out the missing names and then add them to the book.

The street names reveal a poem and participants can use the surroundings and the poem’s emerging story to help them. The first person to submit a correctly completed book with all the right answers wins.

St Helens Star:

Artist Joshua Sofaer (above) created the project.

The more people that play the game and join Street Hunt, the bigger the prize.

There’s a guaranteed minimum prize of £1,000 and a maximum of £6,000 if all the books are sold.

Artist Joshua Sofaer created the project by travelling across the borough to find streets he could craft a poem from and captured photographs of the street signs as clues.

Joshua previously ran the project in Colchester and Norfolk.

The winner in Norfolk was a nurse who did it with her partner and they used the money to go on a holiday to the Far East.

Artist Joshua Sofaer said: “It’s been such a pleasure to travel around St Helens, discovering more about the town and the wider borough.

"There are all sorts of interesting stories to be discovered in the streets and their names. How well do you know St Helens?”

Kat Dempsey, deputy director at Heart of Glass, added: “We’re thrilled to welcome Josh back to St Helens for another fun creative project that invites everyone to take part.

“As the nights get lighter and the days get warmer, Street Hunt will be a fun family-friendly way to explore St Helens, be creative and be in with a chance of winning up to £6K.”

Key information:

- Books go on sale from April 4 and are priced £6 each. Books can be pre-ordered from early March.

- They will be available to collect/buy from the old Argos Store, The Hardshaw Centre, Church Street, St Helens.
- The winner is the first person to successfully complete the poem and hand in their book. 
- A total of 1,000 copies of the book will be printed and the sales of the book will contribute to the prize fund (maximum prize fund of £6000 if all the books are sold). 
- Full rules at