HAVE you ever wondered what lies beneath the St Helens streets? Well Claire Rigby at Momo's community cafe has and along with a few friends they have uncovered a disused air raid shelter.

Beneath the community cafe on Westfield Street, below the street running to the former Beecham's building, is an air raid shelter that used to connect the two buildings.

Some daring people went down to see what it was all about and found a huge space, and after draining the water, some furniture too.

Claire , owner of Momo's said: "I'm really into history and I had heard that there was an air raid shelter under Westfield Street, which was converted from a Beecham's storeroom for use in the Second World War for people in the area.

"I knew it must have been filled in but we decided to get protective gear and have a look.

"After making an entry we found a huge space, with rooms coming off it.

"Eventually I think it would be great to open it up to the public and show off some St Helens history.

"Obviously a lot of work would need to be done to get it up to scratch and everything and it would be years off, but it's really cool.

"We found a lightbulb, chair, old light switches and more down there. It's really interesting. I think with how town centres are now we need to have more of a focus on celebrating our history to bring in tourism, this could really help with that."