A 15-YEAR-OLD boy with autism saw one of his dreams come true after his "positivity" t-shirt clothing line was showcased down the catwalks of London Fashion Week.

Oliver Reece-Woods, from Laffak, had a difficult time at his previous high school where his mum Lisa Woods says he was labelled as “naughty and problematic”.

But after switching to Rainford High, Oliver blossomed and turned his focus to spreading positivity.

Just 14 months ago he launched his own clothing line Oliver Jude Clothing.

The t-shirts – and now hoodies – have inspiring messages on them.

After sending them off to celebrities such as the Real Housewives of Cheshire and others, Olly was noticed by Buzz Talent Model Agency in London.

They offered him a chance to expand his range and to have his work showcased by a diverse group of models at London Fashion Week to demonstrate that “uniqueness is beautiful".

Olly said: “It was just so amazing, the idea was because my clothes spread a positive message they can help spread positive messages for everyone.

“I have models who were all very different, one was older, one had one arm, another had one leg, one was deaf and one had albinism. And their t-shirts all said empowering things relating to them.

“They said things like ‘I am equal’, ‘I am sexy’, I am unstoppable’, ‘I’m unique’ and ‘I’m unstoppable’.

“Seeing them walk down the catwalk was just amazing really. I started this 14 months ago because I wanted to spread positivity after being bullied.

“Now it’s not just spreading positivity for me and in general but for people with messages that mean something to them.

“I’m so grateful to Buzz Talent for giving me that opportunity to empower other people.

“I was so nervous especially with the Storm that the train would be cancelled so I even got my dad to drive us there. But it was worth it. I think he was a little blown away as well.”

For more on Oliver Jude Clothing visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/oliverjudeclothing/