A HUGE community clean up is set to take place this weekend after shocking pictures of swans swimming alongside huge piles of litter in Sankey Canal were shared on social media.

These awful pictures show three swans amongst litter in the canal at Blackbrook emerged over the weekend.

The Sankey Canal Restoration Society are leading the clean up on Sunday and are calling on members of the community to come and help.

St Helens Star:

A member of the society, Jeff Rounds, 58, from Newton-le-Willows said: "The picture makes it look far worse than it is, but what has happened is over the weekend with the bad weather, all the litter in the canal and along the canal has ended up at that patch on the canal near to the Ship Inn.

"The canal has a long history and different places such as Widnes, Warrington and St Helens own part of it and different groups have clean ups in the area regularly.

"But when things like this happen it needs a community effort to help sort it out because wildlife will be affected.

St Helens Star:

"Litter anyway is a huge problem, most of it ends up on the footpaths, but of course some do throw it in the water or it ends up there. It's something people need to learn about at a young age really.

"Anyone who can turn up on Sunday and help us clear this up would be very welcome, we'll have it done in no time."

The clean up will take place on Sunday, February 23 from 10am to 3pm.

People taking part should meet at the Ranger Station in Blackbrook to the rear of the Ship Inn.