MOTORISTS are being urged to use designated parking areas after safety concerns were raised over obstructed views due to congestion on a road.

The area near the junction of Jubits Lane and Chandlers Way has become a "hazard" due to parking congestion, say residents who worry there is "an accident waiting to happen".

Persistent parking causing obstructed views near the junction of has led to frustration and concern over the potential danger of crossing the road with obstructed views.

Residents say the issue is a regular occurrence.

The Star understands police have issued a letter to residents saying they have had "increased reports from residents regarding parking issues" in the area.

A St Helens Council spokesperson said: “We have received a report from a concerned resident and responded with our investigation of the junction.

“There is already junction protection in place which is quite extensive, including double yellow lines and single yellow lines to prohibit parking at peak times. Adding more protection could be detrimental to businesses, and could push visitors to park on nearby residential streets adversely affecting residents.

“Parking for visitors is available at the car park at nearby King George V Playing Fields, where there is also an island crossing for pedestrians to cross the road safely.”

Meanwhile, people are also advised to follow rule 14 from the Highway Code:

Parked vehicles. If you have to cross between parked vehicles, use the outside edges of the vehicles as if they were the kerb. Stop there and make sure you can see all around and that the traffic can see you. Make sure there is a gap between any parked vehicles on the other side, so you can reach the pavement. Never cross the road in front of, or behind, any vehicle with its engine running, especially a large vehicle, as the driver may not be able to see you.