THE mum-of an eight-year-old boy who landed a starring role in The Inspector Calls at the Liverpool Playhouse says she is “beyond proud of him”.

Nathaniel Cagliarini, from Eccleston, has already taken the fashion catwalks and commercials by storm alongside his twin sister Indiah.

Now Nathaniel has also moved into acting – and he appeared in an eight show run of The Inspector Calls in Liverpool alongside top billing actors of West End Fame.

St Helens Star:

With twin sister Indiah

The St Thomas of Canterbury pupil has never acted professionally before but he produced accomplished performances – even spending time alone on stage and delivering a lengthy speech.

His proud mum Michelle Buckley, 41, said: “It all started in June last year really because Katie Price was looking for twins to model her clothing line and put a call out.

“I asked Nathaniel and Indiah if they wanted to try out for it and I applied.

“When we got there other parents suggested I get them an agent.

“They really enjoyed it and wanted to continue so I did and they’ve both done modelling and now acting as they go to First Take School of Acting in Warrington.

St Helens Star:

On stage (centre)

“For his first professional role he was honestly brilliant in Inspector Calls, I was beyond proud of him.

“It’s been a sell out and one of the experienced actors, who has been on the West End, even wrote me a message to say how great Nathaniel’s performances were, which is amazing as his mum.

“I mean he was on the stage for five minutes alone, that’s right at the beginning.

“That is a huge responsibility because if he messed his lines or anything he literally had no one during those five minutes for him to hide behind, but he didn’t mess up and did brilliantly.

“More than 800 people saw him each performance, so it is a lot for a first role but I just can’t get over his confidence.

“Both Nathaniel and Indiah have got plans to audition in the future and I can’t wait.”

Both Nathaniel and Indiah have modelled for the likes of Aldi, Monty and Co and more and have their own professional Instagram page @cagliarinitwins

The Inspector Calls took place at the Liverpool Playhouse from February 3 to February 5.