MORE than 60,000 meals were packed in four hours by volunteers in a monumental effort to help eradicate hunger.

The 200-strong squad of volunteers braved the stormy weather to get together for the Rise Against Hunger Meal Pack event for a rewarding and fun-filled day.

Held at Carmel College, the packing event was organised by St Helens and Prescot Rotary Clubs.

Volunteers attended from rotary clubs across the region and from supporting organisations and businesses along with many members of the community.

Each person paid a minimum £50 to be involved in the experience, which saw the team finish 34,000 packs in the morning and another 28,000 in the afternoon.

“Despite a yellow weather warning,winds and rain reported to be the worst to hit UK for seven years, hundreds of volunteers turned up for the meal pack event,” said Derek Downey, president of Rotary Club St Helens.

“It was a rewarding day. Everybody braved it and managed to get there.

“We had a DJ play music throughout to keep everyone motivated.”

Derek added: “There has been generous support from the business community.

“Some individuals and businesses have donated £75 to sponsor a box which will provide a child with food for 12 months.

“We had a great day, hard work but fun.

“The lorry was loaded and food packs will soon be on their way for distribution to children in third world countries to encourage the children to attend schools and be educated out of poverty.”